Thursday, March 12, 2009

What? It's supposed to be that big!

Looks like we have a new winner: link.


  1. It's not the size, it's how one uses it ;) I can't beleive I posted that!!! ~L~

    I wonder if the hair will be easier or harder to make than some previous models? I might just print the hair to practice 'a lot'. I have papercraft-hair nightmares ;)

  2. Looking great so far :D

    So did you possibly decide on whether to go full detail 10 fingers or just a thumb?

  3. I'm wondering, looking at that huge sword (aaah, boys and their obsession with huge swords... XD), how tall will the finished model be? More or less?

  4. The hair is often a difficult part, and for the test build I kept the "spikes". If it ends up being too complicated, I'll simplify it.

    Same goes for the hands, I decided to make the 10 finger version unless the test build proves too difficult.

    Some of that depends on the scale, but I'm planning on making Cloud about the same scale as my Final Fantasy models (about 25-30 cm) and I think it should be doable. ;o)

  5. hey, you will make a stand for cloud? for the weight of the sword
    maybe you might make some stand related with olympus coliseum ;)

  6. I'll try to compensate for the sword with the cloak and the wing as kind of a counter balance, and if that doesn't work, I think the easiest thing to keep him from falling over is to just let the tip of the sword rest on the ground (seeing the pose he's in:

    I always hate having to glue a paper model down just because it keeps falling over, so I always try to come up with a pose so that it can stand on its own. Any stands I make are just for fun. ;o)


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