Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cloud hand test build (sorta.....)

So yesterday I made two small tutorials about small cylinders and cones for Cloud's fingers, and somebody mentioned there was a flash of the red hollow cylinder at the end of the small cones tutorial.

Maybe my camera is acting up and overlaying my newly taken pictures with some old images that haven't been erased properly, I don't know, because after I finished the test build of the hand myself, I took some pictures to show you guys, but this happened...

Red cylinders everywhere. I took a bunch of pictures to choose the best one, but in every one of them where I tried to focus on the hand that I built, instead this damned red cylinder shows up??

I'll try to fix it (because it's damn annoying of course!?) but in the meantime, I just took a new picture while *not* focusing the hand in the center, and I guess it did the trick: you can see the hand I made now.


  1. from this time forth all papercrafters will have a BAD reputation with red cylinders lol :D

  2. It will NOT be ignored.

    Also: kind of like splicing frames of pornography into children's films ala Tyler Durden.

    Though if your conscious hobby is something boring like papercraft or soap making, one wonders what the alter ego is up to...

  3. Yeah, go ahead laugh all you want... ;o)

    It's pretty annoying though... Somebody on 4Chan mentioned you wouldn't get a shadow like that if it was a malfunction so yeah, I'm not really sure what to make of it.

    I'm not going to worry about it now though, I'll make a start fixing some of the small things I found during the test build up 'till now.


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