Monday, March 16, 2009

"Making small paper cones"-tutorial

Cloud's left hand has a glove with metal "claws", and I'll make them out of small cones instead of cylinders, to get that "sharp" feeling.

Making small cones is not very different from making small cylinders though, they only have a pointy end, instead of two open sides. ;o)

Here's the script for the spoken text again, and if you want to get start practicing already, you can download some practice parts here.

Have fun!


  1. You the man, 'toes!

    While I haven't used a toothpick yet (I usually use the back of my knife, because I'm apparently crazy) this is basically the same technique I use.

    BTW, what kind of glue is that?

    1. I only use toothpicks for small parts like these, to pre-shape big parts, I also use the back of my X-Acto knife actually... ;o) (it would be safer to use a pencil or something like that of course. ;o)

      The glue is TESA All-purpose glue, but lots of people use white PVA glue like Elmer's brand, or Aleene's Tacky Glue, or simply wood glue (carpenter's glue).

      (PS: sorry for the 3 year late reply, I must have missed your comment back then... :o(

  2. Guy, you really need a better cam

    1. Yes, it's a great camera for taking pictures (much better than my first one) but the video option doesn't work so well on small details... ;o)


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