Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sora's baggy pants

Looking at how thin his legs are, Sora's pants are insanely big again! But that's what gives him such funny cartoon proportions of course! ;o)

To attach said legs to said pants, I want to try out the same thing as on the heads and necks that I used before on models like ZaL and Underworld Lara, making a hole and pushing the legs through.

Such parts are very easy to glue on, and it gives you some freedom to adjust the angle of the legs to finetune the balance (not that Sora's *huge* feet won't provide enough balance as it is already... ;o)

Stay tuned!


  1. Nice job! The updates give me something to read while waiting for the model. And I hope my questions don't annoy you, but do you use the knife tool for the legs?

  2. make a little divot in the boot to insert the leg. otherwise it may collapse.

  3. Don't worry, paper is much stronger than you think! And Sora won't be very heavy. ;o)

    I often use the knife tool in Metasequoia, but not that much on this part though. ;o)

    But creating or even editing a 3D model requires you to use more than one tool of course, and different people may use different tools simply because they taught themselves different techniques that works fastest for them; everybody uses what they need to get the job done of course! ;o)

  4. Thanks, I guess thats all the help for editing I nedd then! I shall be off working on the Goron Elder's Son.

  5. And on the leg, would it be possible to "over-insert" the legs and screw up the pose? Or is it only possible the legs only go in a certain length?

  6. No, it *is* possible to "over-insert" the legs, but you should be able to see whether or not you like the position pretty easily of course.

    I know for a lot of people, it can be a bit intimidating if there's a chance that they will "mess it up" because they spend a lot of time building, so understandably, they want to get it 100% right of course!

    But really, there's no need to be worried that you will ruin it! It's a good idea to check without glue first how far you can insert the legs, and in what position you can put them in.

    And then after you apply some glue, it won't immediately harden of course, so you will still have some time for adjustments. ;o)

    (and if afterwards you're still not happy with the way it looks, you can always fix it by carefully removing the leg cylinders from the hole and print two new ones if you had to damage them too much in the process ;o)

    The important part is: have fun building! ;o)


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