Sunday, April 25, 2010

Straps and strips

Although I've been busy with all kinds of stuff the past few days, I was able to test build the legs (as you can see, obviously ;o)

Although I mainly use the test build to see if all the parts can be glued together properly like I imagined in my mind, it is useful for a lot things, because now you can really see what it will look like in paper form!

One of those things, is how the yellow straps around Sora's leg look. It is strange, but the lower straps are actually part of the texture as you can see in this test build, but the other straps are really seperate strips...

I think it will look really strange to use different methods on what is basically the same thing though...

The "textured straps" look a bit dissappointing like this, so I guess I will change the texture, and make these straps as seperate strips of paper as well, just like the other ones.


  1. Is the belt meant to be open like that, or is that a flap I see at the end of it? If it was meant to be open, it would give a nice realistic effect to it ;)

  2. hmmm i see sora more fat than what should...but looks awesome!
    dont change the strips, they look awesome as they are and is very simple :D

  3. Sora just looks fat because the pants are so overly massive.

  4. What can I say, Sora's pants are *very* baggy... ;o)

    But that's because of his "cartoon-like" proportions. When I make his body, you'll see how small it is compared to his pants... ;o)

    The end of the belt is just like a real belt, hanging loose from the belt buckle. It's a simple effect, but I really like it!


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