Sunday, November 27, 2011

Papercraft black-and-white Citroën 2CVs

There have been many variations on the classic Citroën 2CV chassis, including delivery van versions ("fourgonnettes").

Download + build your own papercraft black-and-white Citroën 2CVs (by Frieder's Entenseiten):
(download instructions: click the pictures of the paper models on Frieder's Entenseiten)

(old link:


  1. Replies
    1. Over the years, sometimes websites are just no longer maintained unfortunately, and because they're the works of other people, usually there's not much to do about it I'm afraid... :o(

      But in this case, you're in luck, because the website hasn't disappeared, it just moved! ;o)

      The new adress is here:

      I'll change it in the post too; the paper models are old scans I think, and they come in simple *.gif files. To get them go to the webpage and click the pictures of the paper models.

      Have fun building!


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