Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Young Lara papercraft vignette WIP10

The torso will be the second part of the test build; the hands have the smallest parts, so it will be very important to score and fold / pre-shape them properly before assembling them.

Stay tuned!


  1. Just a question, how do you scale each file to the same size? Like you unfold in multiple .PDOs and they always fit to scale with other parts?

  2. That's not very difficult really: first of all though, you have to make sure you don't accidentally scale up/down the parts of the 3D model in between making the different *.pdo files of course! (I always just pick a scale that works well when I start and never change it in the 3D model, only in Pepakura Designer)

    In Pepakura Designer, you can set the *size* of the built model (when printed directly from Pepakura Designer/Viewer) but also the exact *scale factor* (up to 6 decimals, so that's more than precise enough ;o)

    So as long the scale in the 3D model stays the same, you can type in the same scale factor in as many *.pdo files as you like and they will all be the same scale.

    In Pepakura Designer 2, the scale factor is under "2DPatternWindow -> Scale Up/Down Development by Specifying Value" and in Pepakura Designer 3 it's under "2D Menu -> Change Scale -> Scale Factor...", but I'm sure you can find it. ;o)


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