Sunday, November 27, 2011

D/L #FinalFantasy 9 #papercraft Black Waltz No.1 and 2 (+more!):

Lots of papercraft Final Fantasy models by Saya2091!

New link (thanks to Marcos!):

(old, dead link:


  1. Could you please upload the black waltz nº1 and 2 again? I really want to download them!!! Or could you tell me where else can I find the models? Or send them to my email account?
    Please send them to me!!! I want to have them badly!!!

    1. I'm afraid the papercraft Black Waltz model wasn't made by me (my own papercraft models are here: )

      It was made by a person called "saya" (or saya2091), who made several more Final Fantasy models in the past! I found them and shared the link to Saya's own papercraft weblog for other people to enjoy the model too, but unfortunately, it looks like Saya has removed her papercraft weblog... :o(

      With the "Wayback Machine", you can see an archived version of the site, but unfortunately, the Mediafire download links seem to be dead as well... :o(

      I'm afraid I don't have an e-mail adress of her, but maybe if you google her name (saya or saya2091) you can find a way to contact her and ask if she still has the files?

      Or maybe you can find somebody who uploaded saya's papercraft models to their own website...?

      Sorry that I can't help you better than this, I hope you can find a way to contact Saya or find her models on another website...!


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