Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The return of the Sev Trek Enterforaprize papercraft model

Sev Trek original Enterforaprize paper model

Although the Sev Wide Web isn't really maintained anymore, its owner John Cook has an archived version of it on his new website with many of the webcomics that he made over the years: Sev Archive

In case the spaceship made from a beercan, pizza and pair of cigarettes didn't tip you off already: the Sev Wide Web is a very funny parody on many famous science fiction and fantasy movies and series, like Sev Trek (Star Trek), Sev Wars (Star Wars), Dr. Whatshisname (Dr. Who), Hairy Plopper (Harry Plotter) and many more, and also several original cartoon series like Terrible Twos and The Pits. ;o)

At one point, they even made a 41 minutes animated movie, Sev Trek: Pus in Boots (link; not to be confused with that Shrek spin-off, Puss in Boots ;o)

So, what does all that have to with papercraft?

Well, years ago, Erwin de Jong from the Cut & Paste Sci-Fi (now PaperFormed) website made two papercraft models of the Sevships from the Star Trek Sev Trek parody!

Captain Jet-Lag Pinchard's Enterforaprize-D from Sev Trek The X Generation (transl.: Captain Jean-Luc Picard's Enterprise-D from Star Trek The Next Generation) used to be available for $9,00 from the Sev Shop: link

papercraft Enterforaprize-D, available from the Sev Shop for $9,00
As you can see, the original, captain Gym Testosterone Quirk's Enterforaprize (James Tiberius Kirk's Enterprise) is a bit les detailed than the Enterforaprize-D in the picture above, and it used to be available as a free download gift from the Sev Wide Web.

But as John updated the site over the years, it kinda got lost in the process...

Although I did manage to find it again on an archived version of the Sev Wide Web, I felt it deserved a more permanent place on the web, so I managed to contact John and Erwin.

Although John doesn't update the Sev Wide Web anymore, he didn't mind Erwin uploading it to his own Cut & Paste Sci-Fi site (and now PaperFormed) and they even gave me permission to host the original Enterforaprize as a featured model on my weblog!

(although I hope Erwin's new PaperFormed site site will stay online for many more years to come,
because he has a lot more great science-fiction models! ;o)

Have fun building!

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