Saturday, November 12, 2011

Papercraft Team Fortress 2 Spy, Scout and Sniper

"Roofie" has just recently updated her weblog with a new post with new download links to her "Team Fortress 2" papercraft models of the Spy, Scout and Sniper again!

Download + build your own papercraft Team Fortress 2 Spy, Scout and Sniper (by Roofie):


  1. When I go to the website to download the Sniper one, it doesn't load

    1. Because this was an "old" model, the old download links from Rapidshare and Megaupload weren't working anymore, but it looks like Louise just recently updated her blog with new download links: ! ;o)

      When you (left-)click the "Sniper" link in this new post, you should be taken to a Google Docs page, where you will see a list of files contained in the "sniper.rar" file.

      Click the "File" link on the top left, and choose "Download" to download the sniper.rar file.

      To unpack RAR-files, you need a file archiver like 7-Zip (but you can use another one of course, as long as it can unpack RAR-files).

      Inside will be the parts, in image file format and in Pepakura PDO format (which you can open with the free Pepakura Viewer).

      If you still can't get the links to work, try leaving a comment on Roofie's Papercraft Blog, or try contacting Louise directly through her Blogger profile (links on the right under the "About Me" header).

      I hope this helps, have fun building!


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