Thursday, December 13, 2012

Papercraft Assassination Classroom Koro-sensei alien!

Assassination Classroom is a Japanese manga series about a round-headed alien with tentacles that can move incredibly fast, who has already destroyed a large part of the moon to give it a permanent crescent shape and plans to destroy the Earth in one year...!

There really is only one hope for Earth, because the creature goes on to teach class 3-E of the Kunugigaoka Junior High School to become professional assassins, so they can try to kill him each day during the morning greeting of their teacher...

Of course so far they've failed to assassinate their "Koro-sensei" ("the unkillable teacher") but they'll undoubtedly keep trying to save the Earth...!

Download + build your own papercraft Assassination Classroom Koro-sensei here (by Kataho):

(you'll need the free Pepakura Viewer to open *.pdo files!)

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