Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#OnThisDay (2008): papercraft Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Clock Town Schnauzer!

Many animals can be found in the Legend of Zelda series, including these pint-sized dogs! ;o)

In Majora's Mask, one of them can be found in the main square of Clock Town, and will react differently to Link depending on what form he has; especially when Link first comes to Clock Town after being transformed into a Deku Scrub by the powers of Majora's Mask, the dog really goes wild on him! (I've always thought Majora's Mask had something to do with that too... ;o)
Download the parts and instructions to build your own papercraft Clock Town Schnauzer (and Majora's Mask and lots more!) from the Zelda section on my papercraft webpage:
(see the release video for the Clock Town Schnauzer here / and the one for Majora's Mask here)

Have fun building!

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