Monday, December 31, 2012

Papercraft LEGO Ninjago Lloyd ZX minifig re-paint by Balazs!

Balazs re-painted my papercraft LEGO Forestman minifig into a LEGO Ninjago Lloyd ZX minifig!

Balazs already has plans to make a fitting ninja mask by modifying one of the helmets from my papercraft LEGO astronauts, but if you want to make your own papercraft Lloyd ZX torso and head already, you can download the re-painted parts that Balazs made from the hall of fame on my papercraft webpage:


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    1. This is "re-painted" version of one of my papercraft LEGO minifigs, so I didn't make it myself; it is possible to make any LEGO minifig into a papercraft model of course, but I can't promise you which ones I will make in the future, sorry...! :o(

  2. guy you can make a red ninja complete and hair of all ninjas

    1. for the ninjago ok

    2. I'm a big LEGO fan, so I will definitely make more papercraft LEGO minifigs in the future (right now I'm working on Governor Broadside from the Pirates ;o)

      I can't promise you which other ones I will make though, because papercraft is only a hobby of mine so I can only do it in my spare time...

      This LEGO Ninjago is a repaint from one of my papercraft minifigs made by somebody else, and I might make my own LEGO Ninjago minifigs, but I can't promise you for sure that I will, sorry...

  3. Hi... I tried to make this but... I don't know how I can do the part brown... Parts 35...

    1. This papercraft wasn't really made by myself, but by Balazs, by "re-painting" my papercraft LEGO minifigs.

      So I don't everything about it, but I think "part 35" was supposed to be part of the shoulder piece, but that Balazs didn't finish the shoulder piece (you can see in Balazs' picture, the papercraft doesn't have the shoulder piece - or the helmet - either).

      I recognize part 35 from the shoulder piece of my LEGO Pirates papercrafts though, which has a lot more parts and is quite tricky to build!

      In the Captain Redbeard papercraft, it's parts 35-48, on page 6, and in steps 27-34 of the instructions there are some pictures on how to assemble it:

      (Governor Broadside has a yellow version, in his instructions it's steps 67-73:

      It's quite different from the original Ninjago shoulder piece, but if you want to try and make it anyway, I'll upload a grey version like the one Balazs started:

      Balazs papercraft has a different scale than mine, though, so I hope I made it the right scale...! (otherwise, print part 35 first and compare the size to the one on Balazs templates, so you know how much you might need to scale the part to fit Balazs version)

      I'm sorry that I can't help you with a "real", complete papercraft Ninjago shoulder piece... (or helmet :o(


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