Monday, December 24, 2012

#OnThisDay (2005): Tomb Raider 2 papercraft Venetian motorboat!

All these years later, Tomb Raider II still remains my favourite Tomb Raider game!

It had all the things that made the original Tomb Raider so great, and then they added even more new moves, cool weapons, smarter and more diverse enemies, fantastic new locations (like the upside down wreckage of the Maria Doria on the bottom of the ocean!)

And although by nowadays video game standards the blocky environment looks very outdated, I actually really love that look! ;o)

Following a lead in search of the Dagger of Xian, in one of the first levels Lara ended up in Venice, where you had to open a much needed shortcut, so you could race a motorboat in true James Bond style through the narrow and twisty channels to make it to the sea-mine protected exit just in time before the gates closed...!

The Venetian motorboat was really the first papercraft model that I made using Pepakura Designer (before that, I simply made all my papercraft models by hand and young Link that many people think was my first I only made half a year later! ;o)

Download the parts and instructions to build your own papercraft Venetian motorboat from the Tomb Raider section on my papercraft webpage:
Have fun building!

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