Saturday, December 22, 2012

The LEGO Group and papercraft?

So as you might have cleverly deduced from me making my papercraft LEGO minifigs, I'm both a papercraft enthusiast and also a big LEGO fan!

And I'm not the only one: enthusiastic papercrafter and fellow LEGO fan Scott left a message on my papercraft webpage about his idea for the LEGO Group to also get into papercrafting: link

He figured that if a company like Yamaha which makes motorbikes can do it (link), so can the LEGO Group!

Especially since the LEGO Group already has 3D models of most of their bricks for their LEGO Digital Designer virtual building software (link) which with some work could be converted into papercraft templates for LEGO fans to download, print and put together!

Scott imagines that LEGO fans all over the world could download all the papercraft bricks and minifig parts they want to build the original LEGO sets and their own MOCs (My Own Creations), only with self-made papercraft LEGO bricks! ;o)

It's an idea that not surprisingly more papercrafting LEGO fans have had of course, but I do think that although both papercraft and LEGO are all about the fun of building and creating anything you can imagine, in the end they're still very different of course and for a big part speak to a different kind of audience...

I think the reasoning of the LEGO Group is the same, because the response that Scott got (link) was not very convinced... :o(

But although making all kinds of downloadable, papercraft LEGO bricks might not fit the LEGO Group's ideas, I do believe that there's always room for some neat, downloadable papercraft bonus gifts on any company's website! ;o)

Maybe even in the form of a cool little tool / app that would let you customize your very own papercraft LEGO brick or minifig before printing it? ;o)

And like Scott says, the LEGO Group undoubtedly has lots of creative minds aboard that could make it a reality!

Although I think the LEGO Group hardly has to attract new, yet unreached groups (I'm a little biased of course, but I think the LEGO probably already has something for everybody! ;o) the response Scott got to his idea (link) does encourage everybody that likes the idea of real LEGO papercrafts to let them know so, so what are you waiting for? ;o)

The LEGO Group media contact page

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