Monday, March 18, 2013

Metro Trains Melbourne Dumb Ways to Die campaign Tubecraft papercraft toys!

"Tubecrafts" are simple tubular papercraft toys made by Ardiawan Bagus H, many of which are based on the Metro Trains Melbourne "Dumb Ways to Die" campaign: link

So far, Ardiawan made tubecrafts of the first 10 Dumb Ways to Die:
  1. Setting fire to your hair
  2. Poke a stick at a grizzly bear
  3. Eating medicine that's out of date
  4. Use your private parts as piranha bait
  5. Getting toast out with a fork
  6. Do your own electical work
  7. Teach yourself how to fly
  8. Eat a two-week old unrefrigerated pie
  9. Invite a psycho killer inside
  10. Scratch your drug dealer's brand new ride
But there are many more Dumb Ways to Die, and although the video and song are made to be funny, the lesson is very serious of course, namely that another dumb way to die, is to not be careful around trains and train platforms...!

Download + build your own tubecraft papercraft toys (by Ardiawan Bagus H):

(click the "Continue reading →" links to read the full posts with the PDF download links)


  1. Thank you very much for ... ALL models are great ... I hope you can make the whole series ... be cool and fantastic.

    Greetings from Mexico, one of your fans, take care and peace. :v-)

    1. Ardiawan, the person that made them, says he would love to make more "tubecrafts", but he doesn't really have a lot of time right now because he's in college.

      So if you like them, keep checking his website from time to time, and when he has some time again, I'm sure he will make some new ones! ;o)


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