Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Papercraft Patoroch papercraft Warhammer 40k Voss Lightning Strike II repaint!

After repainting Patoroch's Warhammer 40k Thunderbolt, Michael den Ouden did the same for his Voss Lightning Strike II!

Download + build your own repainted papercraft Warhammer 40K Voss Lightning Strike II (by TA Papercrafts):


  1. Hi. I was trying to look at the galleries in But the page has disappeared today. Without that I'm lost.

    1. I'm not sure if I understand your problem correctly:

      If you click the link in the post above, it should take you directly to the page on TA Papercrafts wher it's explained how to download the WH40k Thunderbolt papercraft model (all the TA Papercraft download links are on one page:

      The TA Papercrafts galleries are here: (you can get to it from the "Pages" menu on the top right of TA Papercrafts' website.

      It could be that the TA Papercrafts website had some technical difficulties yesterday, but right now everything seems to be working for me, so I hope it will be okay for you too now. Have fun building! ;o)


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