Saturday, March 16, 2013

Comic book Batman Flash repaint by David!

David Penso did another repaint of one of my papercraft models (earlier he made Lara into the Black Widow: link), making comic book hero Batman into comic book hero Flash! ;o)

Check the hall of fame on my papercraft webpage to see David Penso's other papercraft builds (he made quite a lot of them already!):


  1. can you make a model of Taarna from Heavy Metal?

    1. You could make almost anything you want out of paper of course, but I already have so many ideas that the chance is not very big I'll ever make Taarna from Heavy Metal, sorry...

      I don't know if somebody else made a papercraft Taarna yet; I couldn't find one, but there are so many papercrafters nowadays, that somebody can't possibly know every paper model ever made of course, so maybe she'll still pop up somewhere sometime!


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