Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Papercraft Advance Wars Blue Moon Fighter WIP 1!

After my latest papercraft Advance Wars unit (the Black Hole Anti-Air unit) I have to give it something to shoot down of course, like a Blue Moon Fighter plane! ;o)

It has some very distinctive shapes, and it's not difficult to see how it's based on a "chibi" version of a Dassault Mirage fighter I think.

So I could get a lot of inspiration from the real Dassault Mirage to make a plan to break down the Blue Moon Fighter into separate papercraft parts, and to work out some sort of internal framework so I could start skinning that to create the overall shape of the plane.

A tricky part for the Blue Moon Fighter / Dassault Mirage is making the engine intakes on the sides blend in with the rest of the hull because it's such a distinctive shape for the plane, but I'm rather happy with how it really fits the plans I made so far! ;o)

Now I really only have to make the "delta wings" and tail left to make, and then I can start a first real test build already, so...

Stay tuned! ;o)

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