Thursday, March 21, 2013

Papercraft Girls und Panzer T34/85 tank!

Many students of the Pravda High School in the anime series Girls und Panzer are from Russian descendance, so it's no wonder they favour the World War II Soviet T34/85 battle tank!

Download + build your own papercraft Girls und Panzer T34/85 tank (by Gattonero):


  1. Replies
    1. Unfortunately, I think the model was posted on the MegaMoonLiner forums, and that the owner deleted the forums...?

      Try contacting the MegaMoonLiner Studios about this model (there's a contact page here: )

      I think he and Gattonero are good friends and that he also posts on the MegaMoonLiner Facebook page:

      I hope you'll be able to get in touch in with them and that they can help you get the model, sorry I can't help you better...! :o(


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