Friday, March 15, 2013

Papercraft SEGA Toylet interactive urinal video game screens!

I'm sure some people play video games on the toilet, but probably not like this...

The SEGA Toylet is an interactive urinal, letting you select several different games which you can control with ehm, well you know... your pee...

Of course they're only short games, but luckily, the SEGA Toylets allow you to record your score on an USB stick for your next visit! (don't forget to wash your hands!)

These paper models are just the video game screens and "targets" though, for use with the 1/12 scale action figure plastic urinal toys from MileStone that will be separately available.

Download + build your own papercraft SEGA Toylet game screens (by SEGA Toylet):

(yes, if you really want to, of course you can find a papercraft urinal to download from the internet too... ;o)

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