Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Papercraft Staunton style chess set

Playing chess with images of your favourite sci-fi characters is fun if you're a fan, but when you want to play against somebody who doesn't know that Boba Fett is the Rook, not the Imperial Guard but the storm trooper is the Bishop, Luke and Yoda are the Knights, and Obi-Wan is the King, the game will quickly go awry...

So a long time ago already it was decided that at least for official competitions, there should be one official style that every chess player could easily recognize to avoid any unfair advantage from (un)familiarity with the pieces: the Staunton style.

Download + build your own papercraft Staunton style chess set (+lots more, from the The Lower Hudson Valley E-Gift Shop):
(download instructions: check out all the other cool papercraft projects as you scroll down, and then when you find the papercraft chess set picture, click the text, and then on the new page click the ZIP-file links)

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