Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Webdude Rick's papercraft works re-uploads

The papercraft website of Webdude Rick has been unavailable for a long time already, which made a lot of papercrafters very sad, because Webdude Rick made many neat papercraft models, like the Neon Genesis Evangelion Angels, the Akira bike, Wacky Races vehicles, the Pink Panther and lots more...

The website is still down, but Webdude Rick has uploaded many of his papercraft models to a public Google Drive folder so papercrafters can still enjoy his works! ;o)

Download + build Webdude Rick's papercraft models (by Webdude Rick):
(you'll need the free Pepakura Viewer to open *.pdo files!)


  1. Webdude is gone. Past away from cancer. Very sad news.

    1. Yes, I think I read it on the Papermodels II Google group... :o( It's very sad news indeed, I hope his loved ones are doing well, I think he made a lot of people happy with his papercrafts and I hope he enjoyed making them!

  2. I have been scouring the internet for his Scopedog model. Thank you so much. May he rest in peace :(

  3. How sad. I just located his Canti model and was trying to contact him to see if a password was available for the file, so I could scale it to make a costume for my stepson. RIP.

    1. Yes it's very sad... The Webdude made a lot of fun papercrafts over the years, I hope lots of people still enjoy them! :o)

      With some extra work, there might be a workaround if all you want to do is make the parts bigger for a costume:

      - Open the PDO file in Pepakura Viewer 4, the go to File -> Print Settings
      - Choose Print lines clearly (Vector print) and set the Bitmap Resolution to Very High (you can also change the Line Thickness to 1 if you like)
      - Then close the print settings dialog screen and go to File -> Print to PDF (it will probably be easiest if you make every page with parts into a separate PDF file this way, so first print only page 1, then only page 2 etc.)

      - Then with a vector based image editor that can open PDF files (there are even free ones, like like Inkscape) you can edit and scale the parts. Because you printed the lines as vectors, they won't get all blurry big if you scale them up. Any textures are always raster images though, so any textures will get stretched.

      (You can also use raster based software that can open PDF files like Gimp to just scale the parts very quickly, but then the lines will probably get a bit blurry depending on how much bigger the parts need to be)

      And of course depending on the size needed, you could try and print the sheets on large sized paper by setting the print size to 300% for example, but I think the print software will treat the sheets as raster images so the lines will become blurry too... I'm not sure if blurry lines will be a big issue though if your stepson is excited with his Canti costume! ;o)

      I hope this gives you some options, have fun!


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