Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kids'CBC show characters paper toys

"Mamma Yamma" is a yam representing Ontario, and owns a fruit and vegetable stand in Toronto's Kensington Market;
in "Big Block Singsong", there's a new character each episode singing their very own song;
"Arthur the Aardvark" lives in Elwood City with his friends and family;
"Whyatt Beanstalk" is the leader of the Super Why! "Super Readers", who live in the magical world of Storybrook Village, tucked away behind the libraries' bookshelves;
"Bookaboo" is a rock puppy who loves playing drums, but only after being read a story;
and "Daniel Tiger" is a shy, four-year-old tiger who lives in Mister Roger's Neighborhood of Make believe! ;o)

Download + build your own Kids'CBC show characters paper toys (by CBCParents):

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