Monday, May 12, 2014

Papercraft Japan Racing Association Win5 race horses

On the JRA Japanese Racing Association website, you can play a simple little horse race betting game to win neat papercraft race horses! ;o)

Although I don't speak Japanese myself, it's not difficult to click through the screens:

IMPORTANT: make sure your browser allows pop-ups from this website!

1. Click the orange "START!!!" button.
2. Click the orange "OK! STEP2ヘ" button.
3. Click the red "よく  やります" button to choose all five horses yourself; click the blue "たまに  やります" button to choose only four horses yourself; click the green "ネ刀めてです" button to let the computer choose all five horses.
4. Click away the help screen with the orange "了解" button...

5. ...then choose your horses and click the orange "WIN5ゲーム スタート" button to start the races.
6. Wait for all five races to end...
7.  and then if you've won all 5 races...
8. ...wait until you can click the orange "ペーパークラフト  ダウンロードへ" button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
9. Then finally, you can click the orange "ペーパークラフトを  ダウンロード" button for the PDF parts and instructions file, which will open in a new browser window (that's why you need to enable pop-ups...!)
There seem to be many (25?) variations in colours and patterns which are randomized for each game, so you can play the game multiple times to for different versions:

Tip: Techikun noticed that the papercraft horse you win at the end, is one of the five that raced for you! So if you want to get all 25 different papercraft horses, try to choose the horses that you didn't already win. ;o)


  1. Finally, I get all 25 horses....
    OK, one tip.
    When you win 5 races, you will get one from 5 horses "you" choose. So you'd better choose horses which you don't have manually with "よくやります" option.
    Good luck!

    1. Haha yes people want to try and get all 25 horses; luckily I won very often (I think they made it that way, otherwise everybody would get frustrated very quickly and stop playing if they lost too often... ;o)

      I wasn't sure if the paper horse you win is one of the five you choose, but I think you're right, so it's a good tip for people that want to try and get all 25 different ones too, and I'll add it to the post!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hey, techikun. can you send me all the 25 models pleqse? my gmail is : Thanks :)

  2. Hello :)

    Do you by any chance have some templates saved? The site is down :( But these horsies are so cute!!

    1. I'm sorry that the racing game is down so people can't get the papercraft horsies anymore, it's always sad when a cool papercraft website goes down... :o(

      On my papercraft weblog though, I don't put the actual downloads of other people's works (because they are not mine of course...!) but I only link to the website where they are; so when they choose to remove them, that's their choice of course.... :o(

      But with the Wayback Machine, sometimes you can see the old version of the website; because it was a Flash game, it doesn't work so well, but I was able to find to find one working link:*/ (if you click the date of August 12, the PDF file should open as it appeared on the JRA website at that time)

      There were many more horses though (all the same in parts and shapes, just with different colours, some very crazy ;o) but this was the only one that still worked that I could find. But maybe you can contact the people from JRA Japan ( and ask if they still have them?

      I'm sorry I can't help you better than this...! :o(

    2. You are a genius!!

      Thank you so much!


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