Thursday, May 29, 2014

Simple Okinawa Paper Craft baseball stadium

GXE Communications has a simple papercraft baseball stadium freebie from Okinawa Paper Craft!
To download it, you need to fill in some information in a form first, but only three boxes are really required:

  • Fill in your name (or a nickname you made up) in the first box labeled "お名前(必須)(ニックネーム可)"
  • Choose a Japanese prefecture from the dropdown list labeled "お住まいの都道府県" (even if you don't live in Japan you have to choose one, there's no "other" option...)
  • Tell how you found out about the GXE Okinawa Paper Craft webpage in the last, big box labeled "どこで沖縄ペーパークラフトを知りましたか!?"
(in the second box labeled "メールアドレス" you can choose to fill in your e-mail address and next to "性別" you can mark whether you're a boy ("男性") or a girl ("女性") but like I said, that information is not really necessary to download the papercraft model)
  • After filling in your information, click the grey "ダウンロードへ進む" button at the bottom.
  • On the next page, confirm your information by clicking the grey "ダウンロードへ >>" button on the right:

Finally, on the next page again, click the download link near the top for the ZIP-file with the parts and instructions for the papercraft model:

Have fun building!

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