Monday, November 4, 2019

Dennis Kauth scifi tabletop game ATV & spacecraft card models

Thomas sent me a message on Facebook to have a look at a post by Roebeast, who was given a card model kit of some science fiction crafts made in 1982 by Dennis Kauth, a well-known model-maker for TSR (the original publishers of the tabletop Dungeons & Dragons games).

The people who gave it to him were friends of Dennis and wanted it to be scanned and distributed to other gamers who might enjoy it. Although Roebeast never built the models, he did put the scans on his weblog; the pictures are from Ruben, who did a nice review giving some hints and tips too on the Paper Modelers forum: link. The ATV and flying craft even have a nice interior!

Roebeast's scans do have a heavy grey mask, but people on Facebook have already taken up the task of removing that grey colour and whitening up the background for printing, and I'm sure Roebeast will replace the original scans with cleaner ones when he can.

So you might want to check back on Roebeast's weblog for cleaned versions, or you can try cleaning up the scans yourself, as it's easy enough to get a decent result for printing by playing around with the image levels in Photoshop or Gimp: just drag the whitepoint/highlight slider (the little white triangle in the image levels dialog box) to the left until the background is nice and white.

Download + build your own Dennis Kauth scifi card models (by Dennis Kauth on Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine):

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