Saturday, October 18, 2008

Secret project update: not "bacon Lara"

The shoulders are always a troublesome part to make in paper. And especially on this secret project of mine...

I tried out the first idea I had (basically cutting away the shape of the shoulders from the torso, and then attaching the shoulders+arms) but even while I was modeling it, I didn't think it was going to look very good...

And a quick test build confirmed that it looked absolutely awful.

So awful in fact, that the only solution is to take a step back and completely redo the shoulders. I have a new idea now which will look *a lot* better. I already trashed the old shoulders in shame... ;o)

The modeling is taking me a long time because it's a difficult model which makes it tedious sometimes. I actually started two projects on the side that I can do when I'm a bit tired of it. I might update you on those soon.

And before anybody asks: my secret project is not the "flesh creature" from Tomb Raider 1/Anniversary. "Bacon Lara" *is* on my to do-list, but not right now. ;o)

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