Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Side project: Advance Wars Rocket Launcher

As I said, I started doing some side projects to keep my main project from getting too tedious. And some of these side projects are a lot faster to make. ;o)

One of the side projects is this Orange Star Rocket Launcher from the Game Boy Advance game Advance Wars.

With my main project taking so much work on the computer, I wanted to make a paper model by hand again, and a simple Advance Wars unit seemed perfect for that. In "6 easy steps", I'll show you how it comes to life (well not really of course, but at least it gets made from a 2D image into a 3D model you can hold ;o)

You'll notice that this is step 2, because I thought you can figure out step 1 yourselves... ;o)


  1. i love your advance wars models. i think you should make more of them

  2. In fact I want to make *all* of them, but you can imagine that's gonna take a while... ;o) They're perfect as a project in between, or on the side like now. I'll get there. ;o)

    As a side note: I noticed "step 1" also linked to step 2, so I fixed that now.


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