Thursday, October 2, 2008

Secret project update

No, my secret project is not Lucy Liu (maybe next time).

But the screen capture shows the basic pose my new model will be in. In the movie Charlie's Angels, Lucy Liu has to play a bitchy efficiency trainer in order to keep the workers of a computer software company busy while her fellow spies gain access to the computer server.

The plan works: at first, the room full of computer engineers is shocked by the bitchy Lucy Liu in her tight leather outfit whipping around her bullwhip and don't know how to react. It's no problem for Lucy Liu to win their trust and wrap them around her little finger, and when she changes roles into a simple little schoolgirl asking for their help, the crowd (all men... ;o) is willing to do anything for her of course...

Between last weekend and now, changing the standard pose of the model I'm working on into this variation of a contra posto is all I've done so far actually. It was *a lot* of work to fix all the pieces that got messed up from changing the stance, but it's worth the effort I think: it perfectly captures the moment in the story I made up around it I think.

The hands will be in a different position though, because although my model will also be playing the innocent schoolgirl card, you will get a clue she is not as innocent as she seems...

Stay tuned!


  1. ;] I'm really excited about your next model. Can't wait.

  2. Now I'm thinking it's Princess Peach Brawl Version. Hm...?!

  3. Is it Alice from American mcgee's alice? :D

  4. I am pretty sure that i have heard that music in Alice...

  5. I still reckon it's the riddler


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