Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Black Hole Recon Release

Recon units are the least powerful vehicles in the Advance Wars series.

Their main purpose is to clear up the "Fog of War" in some of the missions, and if necessary they can also take on Infantry (attacking Mech units is unadvisable, though...)

And of course, you can use them to attack unarmed units like APCs. As long as there are no other enemy units nearby, that is...

Have fun building!


  1. Ninjatoes..please, can you make a new Zelda papercraft after this model ??

  2. Yes, I'm already planning on a new one from Majora's Mask, but I will probably only start on it during the weekend once I've decided which one.

  3. i love this model, all your recon units are my favorite, I built this one yesterday.


  4. I hope you had fun building it! I also really like the Recon units, especially the "Humvee" from Orange Star and the "Willy's Jeep" from Blue Moon! ;o)


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