Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Postman's hopscotch

Before I unfold a model in Pepakura Designer, I always try to imagine how you would build it afterwards out of paper.

That way, you can already spot a lot of things that simply won't work in paper, but a lot of things are also simply personal preference (there is no set guide of rules for making a paper model the way you want to of course! ;o)

Because Pepakura Designer can only unfold what you feed it, if you want to change anything, you should do so in the 3D model first.

This was one obvious fix on the Postman, for example: although in a virtual game world, it's okay to have his legs dangle underneath his pants like this, in a paper model, they can't be floating in air (on young Link, I actually had to give him boxershorts to have something to attach his legs to... ;o)

There are many more things that need a look at of course, so stay tuned!

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