Saturday, August 7, 2010

World domination

As you can see, the final build is done, and immediately the Recon's Black Hole DNA takes over as it tries for instant world domination (it took a while before it understood it was made out of mere paper and that wasn't an actual world...)

The instructions will have to wait a bit until I have some more time, but it shouldn't be long now until I can release it.

Stay tuned!


  1. One thing I love about you is that you hand design some of your models! When I realised you hand designed Going Merry, my jaw hit the floor! :D

  2. Haha thanks, I'm glad you like my handdrawn stuff! ;o) When I first started, papercraft wasn't as popular as it is today yet and I had never heard about Pepakura, so "by hand" was the only way I knew how to make a paper model.

    And now I just find it still fun to do from time to time, because you don't need to stare at a computer screen all the time, all you need is a pencil and some paper. ;o)

  3. Of course papercraft wasn't this popular when you started, your Zelda crafts made it this popular!

  4. I remember there was that cute but unimpressive Four Swords adventures Link and your Ocarina of Time Link and Zelda and that was pretty much all there was in videogame papercrafts back then! I've been following you since then and you still make so many great papercrafts!

  5. Yeah, I also think it's thanks to videogame fans that papercraft has become so popular so quickly, there are lots of gamers making their own models now! ;o)


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