Sunday, August 15, 2010

Going postal

Like all Terminans are kinda alter egos of their Hylian counterparts from Ocarina of Time, the Postman from Majora's Mask is really just the Running Man (the guy that would always beat you in a race by 1 second grrr...) with a Postman's Hat.

He doesn't really look like himself in the picture yet, because the 3D software doesn't quite use the same rendering methods as the Nintendo 64... ;o)

So the textures are usually the first thing to fix when making a paper model from a game, and even then you usually keep on fixing them some more as you go along... ;o)

Stay tuned!


  1. make him scaled with young link so you can just build the hat and put it on young link

  2. lol, i was ever so slightly expecting something to do with terry pratchett :P

  3. Oh no, everybody run! The postman with multiple facial features is coming!

  4. Sorry for the double comment, but I just noticed something.

    He's wearing his underwear over his clothes. ._.

  5. If he doesn't end up too big, I'll make him scaled with young Link; but because of the way young Link's cap is attached, I don't think it will be very easy to interchange the hats though...

    Terry Pratchett creates some wonderful fantasy worlds, but I'm not sure what the postmen in Discworld look like... ;o)

    As far as the postman wearing his underwear on the outside goes... Maybe he thinks he's a superhero...?


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