Friday, October 21, 2011

D/L X-Factor UK 2010 One Direction #papercraft toys:

Read more + Download link:


  1. can you give me a tutorials?

    1. Do you mean a tutorial on how to build the X-Factor UK paper toys? I didn't make these paper toys myself, so I can't give you step-by-step instructions like on my own papercraft models I'm afraid...

      But they aren't that difficult, really! ;o) If you click the names below the pixelated pictures, you can open and/or save the PDF file with the papercraft parts you need to build them (make sure you have a PDF reader installed on your computer, but most computers nowadays already have).

      After printing and cutting out the parts, you have to assemble them one by one and glue them together. Most parts are simple boxes, and glueing them together is made easy because you can simply match up the letters on the separate parts.

      The paper toys are a while old already, but if you browse through the Tumblr gallery, you can still find a lot of pictures of the finished toys that can give you a good idea on how to glue them together as well:

      Have fun building!


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