Sunday, October 16, 2011

In-game young Lara

...and this is what young Lara looks like in her ingame, polygonal form! Quite a big difference, don't you think? ;o)

At first glance, she looks just about ready to be unfolded in Pepakura Designer, but that's definitely not the case!

In fact, right now, young Lara is just a collection of floating bodyparts!

That wouldn't make a very good papercraft model of course, so there's still a lot of work to be done!

But instead of blindly connecting all the separate pieces, the best method is to examine the joints, and come up with your own solution by imagining how you would build it out of paper. That way, you aren't stuck with a lot of unnecessary polygons that I'm sure are needed in the game, but not on a paper model!

There are some texture fixes to do on Lara, but first, I will scrap this old version of young Lara. ;o) It was an older project that I've worked on before already, but now that I've restarted it, I'm thinking of making a (very) small diorama out of it, with Lara in a much more dynamic pose.

Stay tuned!


  1. I don't see her double-ponytail there. So, are you gonna include them in your model? 'Coz I think it would be a piece of cake for an expert like you ;-)
    Can't wait the result. Good luck!

  2. Well spotted! ;o) Young Lara does have pigtails, but they're in a separate model file.

    I will include them in the paper model, but first, I'll choose a new pose, and then I can add the pigtails, so that they swing along with the pose she will have.

    I think the parts for the pigtails will be small, but not too difficult to make (I hope ;o)


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