Monday, October 31, 2011

Goobeetsa's 13 Toys of Halloween

Papercraft toy fans will not have missed Brian Gubicza's 13 Toys of Halloween this month!

Paper toys like the Mad Doctor, Vampires and Werewolves have slowly been taking over this Halloween. But what's that? You can see only twelve?

Well that's because the last one, is the Invisible Man! ;o) Go get them all from Goobeetsa's weblog: link

Zombie Freud is not one of Brian's original 13 Toys of Halloween, but his customization of Matt Hawkin's Paper Dude but I think you'll agree he fits right in! ;o)

You can get Zombie Freud here and if you still need a mask for Halloween, or want to build a paper toy version of Edgar Allan Poe or one of John Carpenter's cult movie icons like Captain Blake, Michael Myers, or Lo Pan, you can find the parts to do so on Brian's website here.

Happy Halloween and have fun haunting!

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