Saturday, October 8, 2011

LEGO Blacktron papercraft minifig download!

Before I finally start my new papercraft project, I want to release this papercraft LEGO Space Blacktron II Future Generation minifig!

It's the same as the papercraft LEGO M:Mtron minifig that I made earlier, except for some of the colours and the logo on his shirt.
 Have fun building!


  1. A nice building by darktrooper: and the thread of the buiding:

    1. Thank you, yes Darktrooper's Blacktron Minifig looks really nice! I know Le Forum en Papier from the other times that Darktrooper sent me some pictures and links for the hall of fame: link

      I think it's a very nice forum with a lot of build threads and links, it's very inspiring! ;o)


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