Thursday, October 20, 2011

Swinging Lara

...and this is the new pose I chose out of all the different animations for young Lara; swinging from a rope, no doubt across a deep pit filled with deadly spikes or poisonous snakes!

Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation was actually the first game in which Lara could swing from ropes (by Tomb Raider V Chronicles, she had also learned to walk the tightrope).

Although it makes connecting all the floating bodyparts a little bit more difficult, I think it's a nice and dynamic pose, something different again. ;o)

I'll try making the "rope" out of paper, by rolling up a thing strip of paper into a tight, cylindrical shape, and then bending it into a curve before the glue dries; then, once the glue has dried, the "rope" should hold its bent shape.

Young Lara will be made out of paper of course, so she won't be very heavy. But if it turns out the "rope" won't be strong enough that way, you can also simply use a thin, metal wire of course.

Now you could have Lara simply swing from the ceiling or the bottom of a bookshelf, but I will also make a small stand as a sort of small diorama piece.

But more on that later. ;o)

Stay tuned!

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