Friday, August 2, 2019

Some papercraft plans & announcements

Well, I already paperfied one of them, so it shouldn't be too hard to guess which one I'll be making next... 😉

Future plans

After my Tomb Raider Home Sweet Home release after that long hiatus, I'm not planning on taking such a long break from papercrafting again! 😠

In fact, while making that one, I already came up with some ideas for future Tomb Raider vignettes that I already want to make! 😃

One will have a scene that I think will look pretty cool as a vignette, and the other one will be minimalistic but will showcase a cute 3D Lara that I'm not sure all Tomb Raider fans even know existed...? (because it was made for just one very specific instance 😇)

But to make three Tomb Raider vignettes in a row might be a bit boring, and of course I don't want to neglect my other "regular" series (Zelda, Final Fantasy, Advance Wars, etc.)

And there will also be a 2019 Halloween model! (because I'm not missing another year of making one of those again!! 😆)

I should have plenty of time for it though (three months, yeah *should* be enough 😉) so I'll just be working on that one off and on.

Current plans

But obviously, first I'm picking up another LEGO papercraft: Spinoza the monkey! 🐒

(How I know he's named Spinoza? Well it's in the official LEGO Pirates comic 6255, "The Golden Medallion" 😊)

Like many of my papercrafts, I actually started this one *a long* time ago already (then other stuff came in between... then at one point I thought it might make a nice release for the Chinese Zodiac's Year of the Monkey - which was in 2016... and I'm not waiting another 9 years to release this! 😋)

I already had the arms of course (they're the same as from the regular minifigs, you just need four of them). And I finished modelling the body, but of course that's the easy part. The head will probably be the trickiest piece and will probably be a little bit simplified (I'll need to make sure the end result will be humanly possible to build in paper form later on...) but we'll see how it goes. 😇

(oh and before you ask, I'm not sure if I'll make a banana, because the LEGO Pirates didn't have bananas back then. Maybe as a separate model later on? 🍌🤔)

Stay tuned!

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