Friday, August 2, 2019

Try out the Fovea Viewer freebies to create your own paper sculptures!

Paper sculptures that go on your wall as a trophy come in all shapes and sizes, but Nonitt Paper Sculptures added something new...

They developed a web viewer that not only serves as a product catalogue, but that also shows you a reference where each part should be glued on the finished model to help you assemble it. 😃

What's more, there are several freebies to try out their paper sculptures and Fovea Viewer! 🎁

- As most paper sculptures, the parts are to be printed on coloured or patterned paper so you can create your own unique version.

- Also, make sure you build your paper sculptures *inside out* so you don't see the fold lines and numbering!

Download + build your own Nonitt Paper Sculpture freebies (by Fovea Viewer):

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