Thursday, October 10, 2019

Spooky papercraft castle is spooky (and cute ;o)

Spooky papercraft castle is spooky! And paper. And cute. 😉 🎃👻🏰

Download + build your own free Halloween papercrafts (by Epson):

(note: I forgot to realize that Epson's webprint service is only available for those with a (Japanese?) Epson printer and a Windows operating system I think, because it looks like you need to install a driver to be able to print these papercrafts directly from your web browser...)


  1. WTF! For Windows machines only, it seems. Frustration and worse!

  2. I'm very sorry for the disappointment I caused...! :o( It looks like I got my print companies mixed up; I think to get these papercrafts from Epson Japan, you actually need to have a (Japanese?) Epson printer and install a little program to print them directly from your internet browser... So unless you know somebody who has, I'm afraid it will be difficult to print these papercrafts... :o(

    I hope you will enjoy some other Halloween papercrafts from other websites though, like or or or many other websites that don't require you to install things...


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