Wednesday, December 5, 2012

#OnThisDay (2007): Disney's Kim Possible papercraft model!

Tonight is "Pakjesavond" for Dutch children: if they behaved good all year, Sinterklaas will bring them a present! ;o)

Most kids will probably have video games, smartphones and iPads on their wishlist instead of a paper Kim Possible, but that's okay, because they can just get the parts and instructions to build one of those themselves from my papercraft webpage! ;o)

Disney's Kim Possible synopsis:

When a wealthy "art" collector accidentally gets caught inside his own security laser grid (see the Kim Possible "A Sitch in Time" movie) he tries to contact the Team Impossible superhero website to come and get him out.

Being forced to type with his feet because of the laser grid though, he misspells the website's URL and winds up on, the babysitting website of your basic average teenage girl Kim Possible, who is happy to finally get a babysitting client so she can earn a few extra bucks!

When she and her friend Ron Stoppable and his naked molerat Rufus arrive at the house and realize the mistake, she decides to try and disable the lethal laser grid anyway, because she did advertise on her website "I can do anything!" and she doesn't want to be called a liar... ;o)

After Kim Possible succesfully uses her athletic cheerleader skills to make her way through the deadly laser grid and disables it, she feels she really is able to do a lot more than just babysitting, and she and her best friends Ron, the computer genius Wade, and of course Rufus team up to save the world from all kinds of disasters and bad guys!
Download + build your own papercraft Disney's Kim Possible (+lots more!)
from my papercraft webpage:
Have fun building!

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