Monday, November 3, 2008

Project update

I haven't exactly been working 24/7 on my main project lately, but rest assure, that work hasn't halted. But my evenings are so short, that I only really work on this bigger project during the weekends. And because I found a few things I'm not completely happy with, I'm gonna have to fix those again first.

One of the parts I wasn't completely happy with, were the hands. I had decided to make all ten fingers instead of a simplified hand, but the way they were now, I thought they would be too frustrating to build. And because I don't want this paper model to turn into the new Red Hollow Cylinder, I'm re-making them (the image isn't completely finished yet, but it's already a bit more "buildable" than before ;o)

And because I haven't been very generous with clues regarding the subject of this project lately, here's a new one.

Have fun puzzling!


  1. That looks like the girl with the white rabbit tattoo from the Matrix, sooooo.... something from American Mcgee's Alice?

  2. And don't get scared now, but four seperate fingers too...!


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