Sunday, November 2, 2008

Piotr Koper's Aliens Caterpillar P-5000 powerloader papercraft

If you like challenging paper models, then here's another one I managed to track down for you: a very detailed model of the Caterpillar P-5000 powerloader, that Ripley uses to fight the Alien Queen in the last scene of the Aliens movie! 😃

I downloaded it a couple of years ago from the Polish Konradus forum, but when I was checking my link collection a little while ago, I found that the the original forum thread had died: 😢

I managed to contact the designer, Piotr Koper (aka Klaymen) though, and he was very kind in giving me permission to host the model on my own webspace so that I can share it here with you guys!

The picture I used is from a more than amazing build thread done by morph on the French "Forum en Papier". If you want to try this great model yourself, you might want to check out the tons of great pictures there to get an idea on how to assemble all the parts:
Have fun building!


  1. Just wondering if anybody knows what scale the caterpillar model is drawn at?

  2. You can find a lot of nice pictures of this model in morph's build thread on "Le Forum en Papier".

    All the pictures include a paper "scale bar", so you can work out what size and scale the model is:

    I hope this helps!

  3. ninjatoes:

    Thank you those pictures were very helpful. I just wish I could speak French, but I guess that'll teach me.

  4. what about the instructions ?

    1. Piotr didn't make step-by-step instructions, but on the sheets with the parts there are schematics showing you where the parts go.

      You can also check out morph's "build thread" on Le Forem en Papier:

      The forum is in French, but there isn't really that much text, it mainly has lots of pictures that morph took while he was building the model himself, and can be very useful to compare with your own progress.

      I hope with the schematics and morph's pictures you feel confident to tackle the project, have fun building!


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