Friday, November 21, 2008

Ninjatoes' papercraft American McGee's Alice model

That's right, as you might have already guessed, my secret project was American McGee's Alice. I have been wanting to make this for years now, but somehow I kept making other paper models first...

When the game first came out, I really liked the dark tone of the game, and when I started papercrafting I came across the Alice model from Nikomi Zosui (Alice isn't available, but the White King is) and decided I would make one as well. Later, Killer094 had the same idea and so did Pixel-Kakashi (although I don't know if his is finished yet or if he's even still working on it..?)

But I never mind doing models that already exist, because I always have my own ideas. In this case, I wanted Alice to have a kind of mischievous look, pretending to be the good little girl from the Lewis Carroll's books, while hiding a big knife behind her back (well, not exactly hiding... ;o) so I came up with the pose she's in now.

The other things were just ideas on how to build the model: the shoulders were a big issue, because they were intersecting with other parts. At first I tried to cut away the shape of the shoulders from the arms and torso, but that looked "not so good"... So in the end, I completely re-modeled them in a way that I found quite easy to make actually!

While I was making this model, I liked the level of detail I was able to maintain, and I thought it would be a shame to not make the hands that detailed as well. Ironically, on models that already have 10 seperate fingers, I usually end up doing a lot of work making the hands easier to build, and on models that already have simplified hands (like this one) I end up making the seperate fingers myself... ;o)

As with many (old) games, to save computing memory, parts that you don't get to see, don't exist: meaning Alice didn't have a "bum". ;o) But because I didn't like the idea of having to glue the legs to her dress, I decided to make one. Of course I had to do lots of research to what kind of undergarments a girl like Alice would wear ;o) Bloomers and striped socks seemed appropriate. ;o)

The face/head always needs a lot of work, and this was no exception. I had some experience of course, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I had to change the texture because I wanted Alice to have a mischievous smile, and I don't think she ever smiles in the game... ;o)

And speaking of textures: the textures from the game were quite dark, and I didn't really like that. I made Alice's skin paler, (suits the whole goth theme I think) and I made the blue of her dress brighter. The white was *just* right for my taste, so I left that as it was.

And yes, I omitted the little skull on the back of Alice's dress: it was in the way of the arms, and it didn't really add a lot of extras to the model.

But enough chatter: you just want to download and build the model!

And for those that are interested, I'm planning on revealing all the clues I left for you soon (if you didn't find them yourself already, that is: I really made it much too simple for you guys... ;o)


  1. Thanks, glad you like it. ;o)
    Have fun building!

  2. Great papercraft Ninjatoes, but could you please release some low poly hands I just can't do the individual fingers properly.

  3. Although I try to make my paper models so that anybody that really wants to, can assemble them, I found that this model really deserved detailed hands like this...

    So I'm afraid I didn't make a seperate, easier version, and going back to the 3D model to do so would again take me a lot of time to do it right, which I'm just not willing to do right now, sorry...

    The hands are always difficult to make, and I have been playing with the idea to make more detailed hands for my Final Fantasy, TR Legend Lara, and Indy models for those who want them (and then maybe simple hands for Alice) but I must say that chances are slim that that will be very soon, sorry...

    I still hope it won't discourage you from trying to build it, though, if you fold the fingers around a toothpick they're not *that* difficult to make, and glueing them on is just a matter of taking your time to make it look satisfactory to you. ;o)


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