Sunday, November 23, 2008

So many ideas, so little time...

Due to time (or rather: lack thereof) for my next project I want to do something a little less complex than my Alice model (I know, Alice might not look very complex now, but getting there was... ;o)

Advance Wars units are always good for me to do on the side, but for a main project I'm thinking something like a classic Tomb Raider model again, or an N64 model (which will probably mean a Legend of Zelda model).

Or maybe something completely different? (sci-fi?)

I worked hard to release Alice *before* the weekend, so I've just been relaxing the past two days, thinking about what would be fun to make next, but I haven't made up my mind yet.

I'll try to decide soon, so I know what to Google for background info and artwork for inspiration and I can start working on it. ;o)


  1. I love your Zelda ones, they're too good =D Are you thinking about making Godan/Gotan/Go..uh.. whatever that boss' name was?

    Good luck deciding! Can't wait to see waht else is in store n.n

  2. please nijatoes! a zelda model, I love it! goth would be a good idea

  3. Yes, I am thinking about making the Masked Mechanical Monster Goht, he (and the other bosses from Majora's Mask) have been on my "to do list" for ages, but nothing's certain yet. ;o)

  4. I like your papercrafts, Ninjatoes. But I have one problem (besides the fact that I'm a beginner). The instructions aren't too clear. Would you mind showing how to fold it? I do only what looks correct. But never am I certain. You don't have to do this, but I'd very much appreciate it if you did.

  5. I know it's an old post, but...
    Now that I've started designing, I know exactly what you mean. Especially since the Salesman I did was quite well received, that there are a lot of expectations to be filled. You probably have this even more ;)

    It's good to see that we will get a nice Ganondorf now though :) Although Icthus' model is probably very buildable, yours are always very well thought of, and easier to build :)

    You probably have answered this question a zillion times already, but which program do you use for editing? And do you rip your models, or make them from scratch?

    Lazy guy here is too lazy to look it up if you answered these already :')

    Keep up the good work!

  6. I'm afraid I'm not sure which ears you mean, but I'm kinda hoping you mean Link's ears, because those are the only ones I have some extra help on:

    Other than that, if you're having trouble with a part, it's really just a matter of dry-fitting (without glue) until you get it right. There's only so many ways you can fold (make sure you scored all the fold lines though ;o)

    I usually start with a game model as an underlying layer, and then use it as a guide to remodel all the parts that I think are to difficult to do in paper. I use Metasequoia in that stage, but if I have to model from scratch, I usually make the rough shape in Sketchup first, just because it's so fast. ;o)

    And now I'll go look into how I can be notified when somebody comments on an old post...... ;o)


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