Saturday, November 15, 2008

Edge coloring tutorial

I have been working on laying out the parts of the finished model on the templates in a logical fashion (you can be the judge of that when I release the model... ;o) but I also wanted to make a small video tutorial again on a technique to make your paper models look even better.

It's a very basic, but also very time consuming technique, so I don't normally use it. But I'm planning on doing so on this particular model, to see how it turns out.

And judging by the simple model I made for this video, it will turn out quite awesome and well worth it. ;o)

The voice is a computer voice. If you have trouble understanding it, you can download the script I used here.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the tutorial. I'm a neophyte at card modeling but I've done this since day 2 because the models I created in day 1 didn't look that great due to the lines. (My wife of 40 years also calls me a detail freak so she MUST be right!!!)

    The only comment I would make is to explore using artist pencils. Many of the liquid pens get absorbed and create a MUCH darker color than the actual pen, i.e. light yellow turns dark yellow.

    I myself ust Prismcolor pencils but there are many others out there.


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