Sunday, November 9, 2008

Test build going great!

Things are going fast now, but that is because it's the final test build is going so well! The connection between the shoulders and the torso that almost drove me crazy because I couldn't think of a good way how to model it, went together quite easily now (yay!)

I'm going to test build the second part today (the bottom part of the body). Then I'll do the legs, then the head and hair (those parts I still need to unfold) and then the arms and hands. I'm not sure if I'll have much time during the week, otherwise I'll just pick up next weekend again.

So far everything is going better than I expected! But I do think that I will make the final model a little bigger than the test build, though. She is turning out smaller than I thought. I'm thinking "Rikku-sized" would be a very doable scale for this build.

But that's not really a problem: making it bigger should only make things easier. ;o)

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