Saturday, November 15, 2008

Raziel's amazingly detailed Star Wars Lambda-class shuttle "Tydirium"!

Great news! Earlier, I posted about Klaymen's Aliens Caterpillar P-5000 powerloader model. Klaymen was kind enough to let me host it on my own webspace, because the original link to the Konradus forum had been dead for a couple of years already...

Although that forum was the first place where I asked around, it looks like I only got their attention when I posted about it on my weblog here. ;o)

Because the forum thread is back up again and how! Not only Klaymen's powerloader model is back up, but also another favourite of mine: Raziel's Star Wars Imperial Lambda-class shuttle "Tydirium"!

It is the same shuttle (just a little bit bigger) that a small rebel strike force uses to sneak past the Imperial blockade of the forest moon of Endor, to try and take out the shield generator protecting the second Death Star which is still under construction...

It is amazingly detailed, an I was e-mailing with Raziel for permission to host it on my website because the download links were dead, but now that they aren't anymore, I can just point you guys to the Konradus forum:
Oh and by the way, there are some more great paper models from that same place if you go up a level. Have fun building!


  1. do you have in pdf file?? also in english?? if es please reply to email ....thanks for any info

    1. If you follow the link to the Konradus forum, there you can download the ZIP files with the parts and instructions.

      You have to "un-zip" them (your computer probably already has an "unzip" tool, but if not, you can find many free ones online like 7-Zip) to get to the parts and instructions that are inside them.

      The parts are under the "wycinanka w formacie PDF w wersji CMYK (468kB)" link, and if you un-zip the downloaded file, you will see that they will already be in PDF format.

      The instructions are under the "" link, and if you un-zip them, you will see that there are several visual schematics to show you where each part goes, and also two Microsoft Word rich text files (*.rtf) with some general instructions and tips, one in Polish and one that's already been translated in English. ;o)


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